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Unconditional positive regard and guidance toward resolution, growth and/or goals.

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Thoughts, gratitude and struggles shared with you in the spirit of authenticity.

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A collection of ideas...helpful in times of struggle.

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Is Happiness Unattainable?

  This young man, living in Belize in a home with a dirt floor looks happy.  I like to believe he truly was.  He certainly was creative and productive.  Shawn Achor's video is one of my favorites.  He's funny and fast talking and makes many great points about "positivity in…

Is Joy Missing in Your Life?

I have probably watched this video 20 times and each time I am moved almost to tears.  Okay–sometimes there are tears, but other times I am just so uplifted and joyous that I can’t help but smile out loud!  It is a great reminder of what today holds and what…